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    upcoming cycle, please assist

    hello people... have decided on a sust/deca /winny fall cycle, and need a little help with anti-estrogen/water retention placements... I'll be running deca at 450mg/week for the duration, along with 300mg of sust for the duration, with 50mg ED winny for the final 4-5 weeks. Firstly, how many weeks should I run this for? Secondly, how should I take anti-estrogens/water retention tabs such as novaldex and clomid? Should I run them throughout the cycle, or take them post-cycle? Detailed advice is greatly appreciated... finally, this is the cycle that I'm taking, so I don't need advice about adding test, changing doses, etc. This is my first cycle, with my stats at 6'0, 185, clean eater, hoping this will give me nice gains. Thanks folks.

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    your clomid question has probably been answered 20 times on this board. Look for answers, then look some more, and then ask what you can't find.

    To help you out though.... at your doses anti-e's should not be needed. Always Keep them on hand in case though.

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    nolva should only be used if gyno comes about. but could be run during the entire cycle (but this has been known to hinder gains).. Clomid is used POST cycle to get your natural test back up, so that u don't loose the gains u have just made.

    three weeks after last injection start clomid.
    1st week 50mgs a day
    2nd week 100mgs a day
    3rd week 50mgs a day

    like lush said, the clomid questions have most likely been asked and answered 20-50 times on this board. go to search and search for posts with clomid. not to hard to do. The posts seem to be redundant.

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