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    Hey guys,
    Just a quick question on clomid. I know alcohol really shouldnt be used while cycling but will it make clomid ineffective? Also is it better to split up the 100 mgs into two doses a day?
    Thanks bros

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    Yes, I would break up the dose. Uh, as far as I know booze won't make clomid ineffective though it's an extremely bad idea at that time. During clomid therapy, you should be doing everything you can to maintain your gains and alcohol is catabolic, slows down the metabolism, etc., etc. Need I go on?

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    would agree with nathan on the fact that "let your poor body recover, fool!" - clomid has a half life of several days so taking it all at once is fine IMO, ecept for the first day 300mg or so its best ot break it up maybe 3 doses.

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    I dont know who told you alcohol should only not be used when on a cycle

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    care to make that in plain english IG?

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    Originally posted by CYCLEON
    care to make that in plain english IG?
    you ass

    its the valium speaking

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    yeah - after tues, I feel I could go for some of that

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