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    Talking Big differance between 300mg and 400mg of deca/week??

    My bud wants to start his cycle next month but isnt sure wheather to run 300mg or 400mg of deca with 500mg test/week for 10weeks this will be his 2nd cycle 1st was 250mg of sust/week and 300mg of deca/week for 10 weeks stats 5'8 there really that much differance in terms of muscle gains between 300 and 400mg/week of deca its only 100mg differance cant make that much of an impoact can it???? what dosage of deca do you think he should run along with 500mg of ethanate 300 or 400/week of deca????

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    400mg is preferred by most.

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    Deca needs to go 12 weeks and test E needs to be ran 3 weeks after deca.... Make sure you get "his" PCT ready... HCG is a good idea for that along of a cycle

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    With test, deca , eq, at anything below 500mg or so, 100mg will make a noticeable difference for most. I noticed a difference b/n 600mg and 700mg wk of test.

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