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    check your closet

    How to conver iu's to cc's ????

    How do i figure out the measurement of iu's to cc's
    i need to start my hcg soon how do i measure it?
    thank you...

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    you divide the total iu's over the total cc's or ml's and that will tell you how many iu's/cc

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    100 iu = 1cc

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    It is not possible to say that 1iu is 1ml or 10 ius is 1ml or so forth,

    IU's = International Units cant be equalled to a volume. One iu is dependent on the solution and who has made that solution. I can take 1iu and mix it with 5mls of water in which case one iu = 5mls or I can take 100iu's and mix it with 1ml then in which case its 100ius/ml


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