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    hey iron game help please

    hey my supplier just got some anadrol in this is the first time i have used anadrol but my brother did and liked it but i hv=ave heard ez come ez go on it is this true and also i was going to do anadrol my first 3 weeks then 1000 mg of test ene. for week four and 300 mg a week for next 5 weeks and 40 mg of d-bol the next 5 how much should i gain off of this

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    There is only two main reasons why gains will leave quickly once the steroid is stopped.

    #1 natural testosterone has been inhibited and you have primary much cortisol in your body leaving it in a catabolic state or

    #2 you were using something that caused a lot of water retention so you can assume the water you gained will have to leave once it is stopped.

    If you can find a solution to those 2 problems then you will keep 95% + of gains made on any steroid. Obviously other factors come into play but its getting to scientific.

    Anadrol causes a lot of water retention and unfortunately it does not come via estrogen so the typical anti estrogens will do nothing.

    Anadrol should be cycled short 3-4wks and should always be followed by an androgen so that the weight loss is not so significant or noticeable and you will also help to keep strength gains more this way.

    Start the test at the same time as the anadrol so by the time you stop the anadrol you will already have sufficient levels of test built up.

    Start at 50mgs for two to three days and see how you feel then increase it to 100mgs for the rest of the time on. If you werent following with test then I would recommend tappering down but for now I see no reason.

    Rather than adding some dbol why not go for eq instead. You are using steroids that will cause lots of water retention so much weight will be lost when stopped.

    And dont forget your aromatase inhibitor for the test

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    Good explanation IG. I think you covered everything quite well.

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