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    Stack!! Deca & Sustanon

    wat do u guys think of the following stack??...will i get good gains in size??

    wks 1 - 10 400mg Deca so 200mg monday and 200mg thursday
    wks 1- 8 /10 . 500mg sos so 250mg monday with deca and 250mg on thursday with deca.

    3 - 4 wkks after your last shot use clomid 50mg for the 1st weew then 100mg for 2nd and 50mg last week.

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    That's good right there, I would personally throw in either anadrol or dbol the first 5 weeks, but I don't know your stats/goals/experience. Also, I would start ther clomid a week earlier. Just my 2 cents.

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    Sounds good bro same as what I am doing just add D-Bol for 5 weeks


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    personally i listen to my body for the clomid its usually about 10 days i feel like shit and start to feel low maybe 2 weeks max never 3 to 4 but thats personal I guess also I would do the 50/100/50 method, as for the otehr guys yes I would go with dbol weeks 1-4 40mg ed if you want to add something for a kickstart. Apart from that you should stand to make good gains from that cycle depending on your training,eating,sleeping and genetics to good luck keep us posted


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