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    On cycle for 3 years & now I need desperate help!!! Please

    Hello, let me start by talking full responsibility for my idiotic decision to stay on cycle for 3 years with no break. I am obviously paying for it now; but I need your help desperately. Here are the facts:

    Been on for 3 years with no break
    Took hcg twice a week 350 mg each time
    Armidex .5 daily
    I would go about 10 weeks & switch to another kind of test (sometimes Test p, then switch to test- e, then switch to cypinate) 1cc each time
    70 % of the time I would use the test with another 1 cc of something else (deca , anavar , some kind of mixed blend, etc. totally careless.
    I don't have blood work, but I got my sperm checked out at year 2 to see if I could have kids & the results were: decreased concentration (lower 10% of people) everything else was fine.
    I went to an endocrinologist & told my story; he told me to drop to 1cc once a week of test c. I had little confidence in this doctor & have been unable to find a doctor that had experience dealing with a situation (since I'm obviously an idiot & few people would do this).
    I have ED bad. My balls have decreased in size & sometimes they literally go up into my body & out of my sack. I take the blue pill which works sometimes, but not well. I have to be really & I mean REALLY turned on for any chance at an erection lasting longer than 10 seconds. Totally embarrassing; I'm paying for my stupidity constantly.
    I don't know what to do; should I start some sort of pct? I am clueless. I see all the regular PCT's but what do I do? Can I every get my natural levels back or will I be on trT forever? I read a story about a bodybuilder who went 11 years without stopping. They gave him a shot of a medicine (begins with a "t" but I can't remember the name-apparently it helped to shock his system back-if you use too much of this stuff it may castrate you. Scary. Not that you would ever me in my shoes; but what would you do if you were me? I'm stupid; I know, but I am a guy who really wants to get healthy & do the right thing. I really appreciate anyone with experience help; I'll be watching the replys like a hawk. I literally live in fear about what I've done to myself. Thanks

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    I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area. I transfered the question to the PCT area. My apologies.

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    Just until you get some answers, run a Google on "Scally power pct protocol". 3 years on is a long haul and I don't know how well you will recover, but it's at least at starting point for research. Best of luck to you!
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