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    HRT or HGH? Heres bloodwork

    So I kind of just want to start taking serostim which I have before when I was younger in my 20s and early 30s I知 41 now and I知 feeling very low energy.
    I took test once when I was 24 and had a bad gyno reaction after just 1 injection of 300mn test

    I have a consultation with the doctor at viking alternative but its not until mid april.
    I got my blood work done and I知 not really sure what to think of it and what would be some options that I could start thinking about before I see the doctor.
    I want HGH over any test but what do I know.
    What do you guys think? HRT or HGH?  Heres bloodwork-582cddd2-5a8d-4b2b-bd52-84bd4afa47c1.jpeg

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    In my opinion, higher testosterone levels are a pre-requisite for utilizing HGH with the most efficiency. Growth hormone experience on average sex hormones might just make you tired and bloated. Save the seros until you're feeling optimized and seeking a good nights rest after a hard workout. Good luck with your upcoming consult, please let us know how it goes, good luck!

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