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    A basic training/diet week would look like this...

    Monday - carb depletion (cardio)
    tuesday - carb depletion (cardio)
    wednesday - carb depletion (cardio)
    thursday day time - carb depletion (cardio)
    thursday evening - begin carb load
    friday - carb load
    saturday - maint calories (cardio)
    sunday - Isometric diet (500cal below maint)
    33p/33c/33f (cardio)

    Monday - chest, back and shoulders
    tuesday - legs, calves, arms and abs
    wednesday - rest
    thurdays - HIT workout
    friday - rest
    saturday - 5x5 power training
    sunday - rest
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    I have to make it clear that the carb load begins on the end of day 4 and finish' on the evening of day 5, it lasts around 30 hours and around 1300 grams of carbs are consumed, along with 168g of protien and 50g of HEALTHY fat for the most part....
    all of these are based on my personal daily caloric needs...

    No thermogenics or stimulants are used on the carb load day as they decrease the amount of glucose/carbs that can be absorbed by the muscles, also there repartioning effects are not needed because the muscle has been starved of carbs for so long that they suck all the carbs up anyway...