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Random bits of answers to common questions

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by , 11-27-2011 at 09:33 PM (1062 Views)
After seeing many of the same questions figured i'd put a 'all-purpose' answer blog up...

1) Short esters are best. Fast acting, shorter cycles, similar gains, typically less sides and bloating, easier to adjust doses, and injecting is a mental reminder to not slack off while on cycle. If you have a severe reaction to the AAS, you dont want to have it in your body for a long time waiting for it to be naturally removed. So, basically IMO stick with short esters.

2) HCG is for ON cycle, not PCT and is a MUST for all cycles. It simulates LH, and when you are suppressed (which happens during an aas cycle) it keeps your testes working, which lessens the damage and helps recovery. Its pretty cheap (no i wont give sources, usually ur normal supplier has it or knows where to get it), its subq injection which is super easy and painless (type 1 diabetics do this at every meal basically... its used 2x a week on cycle so man up)
Common use is 250iu 2x a week (every 3 days) this will keep the testes 'full' and actually you will maintain some fertility on cycle, which is good. Use it up untill the first day of taking pct meds so even in that break from your last test injection and start of pct just stay on the same protocol of 2x a week at 250iu. If after the first 2-3 weeks you dont notice a difference in ur testes and they are shrinking, then up your dose to 500iu 2x a week but DONT go higher than that. Going much higher will increase the chances for becoming desensitized to LH which hurts recovery

3) Test is best and base for all cycles. Oral only cycles suck, if u cant inject stay away from AAS. Also prohormones can cause more serious problems than AAS, so IMO never use PH's.

4) PCT is very important. IMO the nolva/clomid combo is best. I plan to write a longer paper on it with more indepth explainations but heres the basic protocol.
Clomid 100mg ED 1 week, then 50mg for 2 weeks = 3 weeks total
Nolva 40mg ED for 2 weeks, then 20mg for 3 weeks = 5 weeks total

5) Diet, Diet, Diet, Diet and did i mention diet? This is very important to gains. How do you expect to grow and get massive gains if you cant eat right to support them? AAS isnt going to put muscle on you, it will increase your bodys ability to put muscle on you and if you dont have enough 'building blocks' your body wont have what it needs to, so your gains will be massively hampered. Get your diet right BEFORE starting a cycle, eating right will surprise you with your gains if you havent been eating right all along.

6) Educate yourself! The best advice i can give is to LEARN LEARN LEARN about AAS and what is going on in your body when you start. Being educated is the best way to deal with any possible issues that may arise.

7) for GYNO ONLY, NOLVA IS BEST and should be the first step in dealing with it. Start at 40mg ED for the first week, watch it (take pics to be positive ur not just envisioning things...) and it should start to shrink. Drop it down to 20mg ED after that and stick with it for several weeks. If it just isnt working, then drop down to 20mg ED nolva and then start on an AI (adex or aromasin). Start at a low dose and increase the AI dose after 5 days if there is no change and increase at little amounts. It takes time for those issues to be remedied. so by taking alot right away usually isnt going to do much AND can cause some other issues.

8) Asking questions is a great thing, but Do some research on what you are asking. If you stick around the boards long enough and have/develop a general knowledge on AAS usage, you will be amazed on how often simple questions are asked and it really shows how little research is done on the topic. Noone wants to spoonfeed you info, you dont learn it best that way, you basically become dependent on someone elses knowledge on the topic.. SO back to #6 EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

Thats it for now... prolly add some later on




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