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Healthy favorites

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by , 11-08-2007 at 06:36 PM (1264 Views)
As someone who does enjoy the occasional pizza, chicken wing dinner and other junk foods I've also enjoyed creating those meals to fit into the healthy lifestyle of someone who really does care about their wellbeing!

Instead of ordering pizza out, make your own with healthy ingredients. Instead of chicken wings, there are alternatives that will make you just as happy and you're not "cheating"!

Cooking has always been something I've done because it brought family together and was a very good learning experience for the future. Now, I choose to cook a lot to create meals that area healthy for my lifestyle and will make people happy without becoming a fatty!

I chose to make my blog (for now) about something that has the potential to help each and everyone on this board. From time to time I plan on updating this blog with recipes/suggestions I have created that will either fit into your daily macros needs or recipes that can EASILY be altered so it does fit into your needs. Also, none of the recipes I will post should intimidate you because they can be done by ANYONE. Feel free to give me feedback, suggestions, new recipes and anything at any time.



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    I will be following your blog and trying out some of your recipes ...
  2. PEWN's Avatar
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    awesome ... dont be shy on revealing some of you secret recipes...