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pharmacy screwing with me?

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by , 10-09-2010 at 06:01 PM (1026 Views)
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not good Thor - however I've been thinking! (I hate it when my wife comes up with that line hehe) - one thing that I've never heard is Test E in 1ml amps (I'm guessing they make it - do they?)? I have heard other say they had/have Test C in 1ml's. I'm on Test E which normally comes (for me - Watson brand) in 5ml bottles (200 mg/ml), so if the smallest they have is 5ml, then it would be possible still to get a little extra, and not get the exact dosage in 1ml amps? hmmmmm... So, maybe switch to Test E if they don't have 1ml amps?
I think they make both E and C in 1ML. I use Watson too and I have seen 1, 5 and 10ML bottles. Hopefully my Costco will never get the little bottles and I'll be fine.