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    Thumbs up Good stuff Strike Force HW GP still on

    I am glad that White decided to keep going with the HW GP, this event got me really exicted with all theses heavyweights and the talent pool is amazing.

    Card as changed a bit now Carano is on it suppose to fight TBA, same as King Mo vs TBA.

    I really hope they keep the company seperated this time around, i think Cocker is still taking care of strikeforce, so far this guy did such a great job with strikeforce and most of there events have been very good.

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    I agree, and it will be a good chance for the strikeforce guys to occasionally get plucked out and put in the UFC cage when opportunities are there

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    The strikeforce HW GP could have been better if we had better earlier match ups, really wanted to see fedor/REEM or atleast fedor/werdum 2

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