Some amateur MMA bozo from Nebraska bum-rushed Bret Hart while he was "on stage" making his acceptance speech at this weekend's WWF Hall of Fame inductions in Brooklyn. And I don't think it was a set-up because he did get arrested and charged with assault and criminal trespass. The bozo apparently also earlier had tweeted that Vince McMahon would "rue the day" he decided to have an all-women final at a Wrasslemania. Travis Browne, AKA Mr Ronda Rousey, supposedly got a couple of licks in before the attacker was subdued.

Dana White has been shopping a Cormier -vs- Lesnar fight for months, and Lensar lost his WWF Infinityverse belt at this weekend's Wrestlemania, which clears the deck for him to focus on a UFC bout for the next few months ... I'm jus' sayin'.

I don't know which happened first but Conor McGregor gave a slight hint that he might go to the WWF, and Stephanie McMahon said she'd sign him (McGregor and/or Rob Gronkrowski). And Vegas is giving 2-to-1 in favor of McGregor going to the WWF.

If he does he'll probably get a very warm reception from the other 'performers' because in 2016 he said they were "messed up pussies."

It would be interesting to see how they would play him, considering AFAIK the smallest man ever in the WWF was Zach Gowen, who tipped the scales at 155 (but Gowen only has one leg). After him I think it's Rey Mysterio, who they bill at 175, but Rey is three inches shorter than McGregor and built like a tank. But I'd love to see Lesnar Eff-Five "The Notorious."

And the fifth edition of the bare knuckle fighting championship took place this weekend in Biloxi. And much blood was shed. Can't wait to find a copy of the video.

This is how the winner looked after.

Five BNFC events thus far and the only ones in the US were in Mississippi or Wyoming. I don't understand why more states aren't opening up to bare knuckle bloodiness (they've been formally turned down by 28).

It was a good fight weekend for McGregor even though he didn't fight. The BNFC was won by Artem Lobov (that's what's left of him in the photo), a Rooskie who also is a UFC flyweight and fights out of McGregor's SBG Ireland team. And red-headed Irish lass (more like orange-haired, if I'm honest) Becky Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey at Wrasslemania. So he was celebrating their wins on social media.

Week-old news by Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson won his first bout at ONE. He lost his UFC belt on a split decision and after 11 consecutive successful title defenses but rather than ask for a rematch he opted to jump ship. He just wasn't feeling the love from DW but he just wasn't making the company any money. His fights barely sold 200,000 PPVs, but it's not his fault because the lighter divisions have the lowest knock-out rates, and it's KOs that put butts in the bleachers. I feel for the guy -- only three losses in 11 years and 32 fights -- but I'm thinking 125 pounds might just be too small to satisfy the uneducated masses' blood lust.

Cormier-Lesnar should be good for at least 800,000 PPVs, probably >1 mil, which is 4x what most Johnson fights drew. At least.