In Season 3 Episode 5 (air date Oct 30), Sonny the prickly Texian, who feels like getting beat on because he has had a falling out with his SO (the recently minted Ensign Davis), walks into a local gym where some fit looking guy (whose face I couldn't make out) is working over the heavy bag. Sonny says to him, "Hey Hendo, wanna go again?" And they have at it. The gym isn't well lit, and the shots are framed so you never get a good look at this 'Hendo' guy, but at the end of the scrap, while he's rearranging Sonny's nose with elbow strikes, for just a second you get a good profile shot and see Hendo has Jack Palance's nose.

There's only two guys I've ever seen with Jack Palance's nose, and one of them is dead. The other one is Dan 'Hendo' Henderson, formerly a journeyman in the UFC. So now SEAL Team has MMA stars guesting on the show.