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    For all that are competing...

    Hey guys!!!
    The time is winding down for most of us getting ready for shows in the near future, I find that about 4-6 weeks out I usually hit a wall and have a hard time staying focused. I am just wondering what keeps you guy going, for me itís knowing that someone else is getting ready for the same show I am, and they just might be training and/or dieting harder then me just so they can kick my ass. I canít have any of that, so I just keep grinding my teeth and pushing forward. Well let's hear it, what keeps you guys motivated?

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    I'm also 5 weeks out from the Pittsburgh show may 4th.
    Last weekend my wife and I went to a local show just to get fired
    up a bit.
    I started competing spring 2000 at 38 years of age. Middle weight then 165. Did 3 shows that year and loved it.
    Last year I did 4 spring and 4 fall shows. Yes I'm a junkie for competing. Now I'm 40 years old and still compete in the open class and sometimes cross over into the masters.
    I train at home have for 10 years. Sundays I hook up with a bunch of studs and train legs together.
    I feel I must train smarter, eat cleaner, do more cardio then all of the young guys I'm up against. I have done very well at the 11 shows I've competed in. I feel most people are gunning for me that know me. That keeps me going. Plus the fact that I always question myself can I get back into that top shape again?
    I'm going to do 3 shows 3 weekends in a row this spring. Then off for 4 weeks and do the Jr. nationals just for fun and a little R&R with my wife in Chicago.

    I have tons of questions I would love to ask all of you competing people. I'll save them for another thread.
    Good Luck in your up coming shows,

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    What keeps me motivated is that I know that out there some where a person is doing just that little extra trying to kick my ass. I hate losing thats what keeps me going and it will probably end up killing me someday. I have only lost 1 show and that was to freddy bigot, the guy who just turned pro. I'm not tooting my horn but just saying I hate losing, period..... Everytime I get that cookie close to my mouth I picture losing and end up throwing it in the trash

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    MY motivation... beat this. Two guys in MY gym training for the SAME show and the SAME division. And we are ALL very close.

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    My motivation is that my best friend and i are about the same weight and will probably compete in a show together. i think i might actually be better but it always seems as if he is and i think he definitely gets more attention for his body which keeps me motivated cuz i would hate to lose to my best friend, i'd hear about it forever.

    also when i'm doing cardio, i played against one of the best players in soccer in high school in the nation and i just remember how i couldn't keep up with him no matter how hard i tried, this just makes me run harder.

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