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    Do you cut your oil gear before shows?

    I have never cut my eq or primo. I go all the way up to and through my shows. The reason for me is I compete in so many back to back shows. Some time 3 or 4 in a row.
    My question is if you cut out oil gear two or three weeks before a show what do you take instead? Other then winny.
    Do you up the winny to 75mg or 100mg a day or something?
    Is the reason for cutting oil because of the little bit of water they might hold?
    Please educate me here.

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    2weeks out i'm stopping prop. and starting suspension.

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    I switch to water base(suspension or winstrol ) five weeks out from the show, you could probably get away with switching a couple weeks out. I do run masteron right up to the show though. I think that if your running 4 shows back to back say 4 weeks in a row I would switch, but I know guys that will run test cyp right up to the show, but they have alot of experience in diuretic use and they know what they require to drop the water weight. So I guess if you know what diuretics and dosages that work the best with you and you dont have a problem with water then your all set.

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    Thanks Dr. Derek,

    Here is what I will run through my diet and shows.12 to 14 weeks
    300 mg EQ/week
    100 mg primo/week
    30mg anavar per day length of diet.
    10mg nolvadex / day
    maybe add some proviron at 50mg last 3 weeks.
    5 or 6 weeks out from the first show of 3 in a row I will add 50mg winny EOD.
    I seem to get very cut. Body fat gets down to the 3 or 4% range.
    You will see in another post however I drop very little weight the last week leading into a show. From carbing up and water reduction. The only thing I have used so far is natural diuretic:
    dandilion, b-6 and potassium. I'm looking into aldactone for the first time.
    Question: do you think with these low doses I'm getting away with not holding much water from the oil?
    I will post a pic somewhere here for you to see how cut I get. I'm a middle weight. However If I'm not careful that might change this year. I'm at 184# today at about 7.5% bf and 5 weeks to go.

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