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    Well everyone, I took third place. There was no way I was going to get first, as the winner was a 5'5ish dynamo who was really tight and hard. 2nd could have gone either way. I think that I looked good, although, once again, my legs didnt come in. My upper body was nice and full and hard, but I didnt have separation in my legs. Which isnt anything new because I never seem too. I cant tell you how frustrating it is to have judges come up to me and say, if you could get your legs right, everything else would fall into place, or your upper body is just waiting for you legs to come in. I guess I would say that my upper body was 100% but my legs were 90%, so i suppose that i was about 95%. I dont think it was the fat loading, as I think that worked well. Some observations....

    I cut out all cardio 2 weeks out, and should have done it another week.

    I depleted tuesday and wednesday and carb loaded thurday and half of friday and then fat loaded the rest.

    i drank no water after 5pm firday except for one mouthfull fiday night to take some taraxatone.

    i need to practice posing much more, and I think that this helps bring out more cuts.

    I am going to start doing more reps on my exercises. I have been doing 6-8 reps for a long time and need to make lots of changes.

    Saturday morning, i ate 3 boston creme donuts at 630 am and then a plate of pancakes at 930 am which tasted great.

    Oh well, you live and learn. Although i was disappointed with my placing, (i dieted for 4 1/2 months for this show only to get smooth legs), it was a learning experience that i will use for my next show. I had a lot of fun competing and cant wait to get back into the gym to get shredded wheels. I am not going to stop competeing until that happens!!!!! My ultimate goal is to do the Team Universe, so I will be 110% focused on that goal. My next show is the Diamond Classic in West Palm Beach Florida on September 7th and will start dieting again July 2nd.

    I want to thank, Dr. Derek and Eye Candy for their support and advice. Also, Babyweight for becoming the one person whom i look forward to talking with each day.

    But the ultimate thanks goes to MikeXXL. You have no idea how much I valued your help, input, and general knowlege. Hopefully we can get together one day to train.

    110% for september 7th. Peace.

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    Hey brother CONGRATS!!!!...on you placing, as i always say in the end it's about the journey not the destination, 3rd is good and you have learned new things and have become a wiser be proud and let's see some pic.....XXL

    And you are welcome for any help i could provide you with...glad you were happy with the results, let's do it again and go for 1st on September 7th...

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    Good work, and for the legs thing, try lots of 20 reps work. Don't think doing cardio longer would have helped either may have hurt even. 3rd is good showing.

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    Congrats on your placing!
    Third place is something to be proud of!

    Good luck September 7th!

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    Great Job. My legs suck the big is saturday ...... anyone know a magic pill???????

    Glad you had a fun time competing NM......that always impresses me the most


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    Good job NM...great attitude as well... why are you doing another show so soon? Just curious...

    Go with high reps for the legs...20+
    What happens here, stays here

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    Originally posted by MIKE_XXL
    Hey brother CONGRATS!!!!...on you placing, as i always say in the end it's about the journey not the destination
    Not only is Mike a pharmacist, he's a philosopher. Congrats NM, you have done what most everyone is afraid of doing. Although you did not place first, you are a winner in my book, good job and keep forging forward, we live to learn.

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