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    Is success between your ears?

    I have been thinking lately that although I have spent a couple of years trying to "lose weight" It was not until I set the goal of competing that I had any success. This leads me to beleive that moving toward something is much more powerful than moving away from something. Before I was moving away from my extra weight and as soon as i saw some progress I let up on the gas. This year I set a goal of competing before I turned 40 and had huge success. (see before and after pics in members picture forum). Sure I learned to contest diet, but I did not train any differently this year. I started the year at 20+%bf and by the time I was 12 weeks out I somehow was the same weight and only 12%bf. I beleive it was MY MENTAL PICTURE. If this is true then the number one thing is to change your mind! I am interested in knowing if most people use the mind/body connection actively or are most BB's just wired that way?

    Your thoughts?

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    I agree 100% you need specfic goals, doesn't matter if it's business or workouts or whatever you do in life. I would never put myself thought dieting like i do for show, if i was not getting ready for a show.

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    The mind is very powerfull indeed. I believe that since it controls the body, what you make it think will help in what it does. Training mentally for sports can be the difference between winning and losing. The only thing that limits anybody is their mind.

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    I belief that every thing in life,got to do with "mind power"
    If you what success in every thing you do,read the book "Mind Power" by Jhon Khoe.Belief me,it works

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    I also totally agree. Visualization is the key to starting off a physique transformation. I had to invision myself looking the way the guys in the magazines looked.......Shortly after a mental change came about. I had the direction that I needed for getting on my way. The rest was all history. I'm learing new tricks to the trade everyday and it makes staying in this kind of shape much easier. The old "me" died eons ago.

    Big R

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    The power of positive thinking.. it's so true, how many of us have gone through the last week before a comp and had the 'mind f*cks' where you look good/bad/fat/skinny/flat and massive all in the same day! Positive reinforcement works as a logic tool for me, if I know that I am following the diet, doing the cardio and training hard then I must be going in the right direction.

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    Your body won't go, where you mind hasn't been set your goals and strive forward...great post...XXL

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