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    on or off compatitions

    Just looking for the general feeling on steriods with competation, some shows test others dont . Can someone who hasnt done a cycle compeat
    in a show that doesnt test?And on the other side can someone who has done a cycle compeat in a drug free show?I know there all drug free but you get the just of it.Should I feel bad if I decide to compete in a natural show, and yes I got some stacks under belt

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    Generaly speaking if you have been clean for 1 year, you are considerd natural and you can do the Natural least where i live...and you can do not tested shows if you are clean...XXL

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    i would never go to a gun fight carrying a sword

    i.e. going into a non-tested show (on the higher levels) 100% natural is setting yourself up for failure most likely...and it is also very ridiculous when people do that, get last place, then say "oh, but hey...everyone else was taking steroids and i wasn't so that's why i lost..." The "i'm better than everyone because i don't use anything even though i was last" attitude is lame, to say the least

    There are a lot of variations to what is considered a Natural show...some require being clean for a year...some require 7...some require lifetime

    And if you (or anyone) is thinking of competing in a natural show while you are on, you need to grow some balls (no pun intended) and step up to the plate with the big boys by doing a "non-tested" show

    That's not directed towards anyone who has done AS but who are considered "natural" under the guidelines set forth by the organization...

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    Doing a natural show on AS sounds weak!

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