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    cutting cycle and skin

    just want to have your advices : I'm running a cutting cycle since 6 weeks and now my fat has almost disappeared,but on the low abs I still have a little fat but it seems to be just distended skin...did it happen to you bros ?

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    I have had the same problem, and the most advice got was to keep up the cardio and give it some time. Mine is getting better, but its taken about 3 months for me to notice any reduction. Keep at it.

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    After I got into tight shape it took my skin an extra 6 weeks to tighten back up. I got way to fat and bloated this past year in the off season. I should have never indulged as much as I did. It took me way longer to look as tight as I have in the past after going over 35-40 lbs over my competition weight.

    Big R

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    keep cutting bro, it will come off...

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    I had the same promblem also. I used thiomucase from france completly legal wrinkle reduce cream. You can get it on the net at for like twelve bucks. I did it before a vacatiion and it worked to shrink the skin and get the water out also....

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    This is a genetic dispostion that alot of people have, the skin loses its elasticity and wham you have a bunch of excess after your dieted down. I do not have this problem and have went from 300lbs down to 201 with out any skin problems. I have however noticed on other BB's who display these symptoms is that as the time elapses the skin begins to return to somewhat normal. Thimocase or Prep H may help. Apply it liberally to all areas effected. Good luck

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