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Thread: Pre-Contest PCT

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    Pre-Contest PCT

    I tried posting this in the PCT section already to no avail. Hopefully someone here has some experience in this.

    If someone was running Test E til 6 weeks out from a show and then switched to orals (Winstrol & Anavar ) what would be the appropriate time to start PCT? At the 6 out mark or after the oral cycle was completed also? Anyone with some contest prep experience in this???

    Clomid, Nolva and Proviron are the available weapons of defense. Will running any of these during the last 6 weeks have a negative effect on the anavar and winstrol and would a 2nd PCT be needed after the show????

    The Test E was a very mild cycle. 250mg per week for 10 weeks.

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    u should ask your diet guys or trainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbuffguy View Post
    u should ask your diet guys or trainer
    and why would anyone have either of those?

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