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    Getting started

    I've been lifting weights/bodybuilding for a number of years now and figured its time to try to step on the stage but I have no idea where to get started.

    Based on where I am at now (212 at 13-14% bf), I am assuming I would probably need about 20 weeks to diet down correctly and compete. I am a natural bodybuilder and would therefore like to start in a natural show to see how I do. Anyone have any advice as far as what would be the best way to get started? I am thinking about looking for a coach that does contest prep and training but don't really know how to find one. Doesn't look like any of the trainers at the gym I go to would know anything about contest prep. Any advice or leads in the right direction would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    If your in Austin, Texas I imagine it shouldn't be too hard. Contact the Texas NPC and you shoud find some info there. Not sure how many natural contests will be offered by the NPC but you can at least get show info and possibly find a coach. I also found that attending shows is the easiest way to meet trainers ( I mean local NPC shows). Good Luck

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