Hi Guys,

Just finished up a show and I did it natty and placed well.

My next show is in 21 weeks but I will be starting this cycle in 4 weeks as I have exams till then so wont be in the gym much and hopefully my reverse dieting would also have finished by then.

First Cyc Proposal

I'm a 25 years old male
5í7 tall
155 lbs
8% body fat

Training consistently for 3 years

This is my first cycle and I have a menís physique show in 21 weeks

Goal: To Thicken up, build some quality size and then come lean and shredded in time for the show.


Week 1-11: (Bulk) : Test Prop 100mg EOD (11 Weeks at 300mg per week)

Week 13-17: (Cut): Test Prop 100mg EOD/Anavar 80mg ED (5 weeks and run this through the show)

Week 1-17: Arimadex from day 2 onwards 0.25mg EOD/Hcg 250 IU (500IU week total)

PCT after 4 days with Clomid at 75/50/50/50 and Nolva at 40/20/20/20 f

Can you advise if this is the correct way to do this and critique the cycle for the show?

I donít really want to anything too harsh as I am a little prone to hair loss and acne (I know I will get this with test anyway but would like to minimise it) so staying away from things like Winstrol .

Have I apportioned enough time to bulk/cut ratio?

I have more a bit more time into the bulk period as I am really looing to thicken up, hopefully the test prop during my cut will help keep most of the size