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    routine for the pros ?

    im looking for a routine that will build as much size as possible (im on a cycle of prop/fina/winny so i dont want my money to go to waste ! i want a routine you pros do to get huge, no matter how intense, how hard and how tiring i want it ! o just a note too i recover very quickly 48 hours after my last workout for a body part im fully ready to work it again and feel stronger as well ! if you can post the training split and the best exercises to be performed ! im asking you guys cuz you're the pros and who better to ask ! thanx bros !

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    There are as many 'effective' ways to workout as there forms of cycling gear.

    Several Pros (and trainers of Pros) post over at my home board. I believe you need to switch things up occaisionally as your body acclimates/adjusts to a program eventually.

    I currently started doing HST Program after about 2 years of doing HIT and it seems to be working good.


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