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    mass building after a show

    now heres an interesting question,we all know after a show we put on a great degree of size and start to look big and full again,but do any of you use gear when in this after show mass building phase? if so what effects does it have towards just eating and training normally with no gear immediately after a show

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    I didn't use gear immediately after my show because it was easy as hell to bulk up naturally... you get that big that ppl suspect that your on gear... I did a cycle 2 months afterwards and it just kept the weight coming... but i don't really know what the effects would be immediately after a comp... i'm assuming it would be good... I just don't think you'd need it... you'll gain 20 to 30 lbs natural so why waste the money?

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    yea, post comp, you will start to retain weight like water, so i would wait a few weeks, 4-6 then start rollin something heavy to keep the gains coming.

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