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Thread: Bitcoins going up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiskevatten View Post
    Haha hang in there, your participation million is just around the corner. It is interestring though to follow the market right now and the social comments
    that comes with it. When it's down, comments are "I told you so", when it's up, comments are "I told you so".
    Confirmation syndrome delux and everyone is an expert.
    As soon as a 10% drop happens most scream don't buy, but when up 10% people scream buy now or forever regret.
    Seems making money is hard with that logic^^
    Yeah I hear you and I know several people with the buy high, sell low mentality who chase stocks. Some get lucky and still make money or at least their stocks increase over time but IMO they are nuts because when they have a good run they never hare a sell plan meaning they dont set any goals or limits for themselves and just brag as its going up and complain as its going down.

    Yeah what little I have Im going to leave it for now because it doesnt have any real value (pocket change) to sell at this time. I have enough of a diversity in crypto that if one of them catches fire again I have a good chance of actually making something and will follow my own rules and set a $ amount or time that I will sell 1/4 or 1/2 of it and go from there.

    SEVERAL years ago I had 1 stock that was doing GREAT. Info Space and I was making some mad money pretty much daily. I had my date set on when to sell 1/2. Then I got burned on a penny stock I had been trading for a couple months due to a scam some guys did to run up the stock on the day I put in a buy order for 5000 shares. Previously it had been trading for $0.08 to $0.15. It opened that day over $8.00 a share and stupid me didnt have a limit order because it was a penny stock I had traded several times. That was the same week or within a week or two of the 2000 dotcom crash and pretty much wiped me out. My luck.
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    if somebody can give you right answer to you question he is very rich man =)

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    I think it is a perfect time to buy. It will go up very soon. If you have cold feet investing in bitcoin , there is a less risky way to make some cash on crypto. this website offers to help with the purchasing crypto trading license in order to become a trader in the future. I still didn't check how the whole procedure looks like and how much it costs, but will definitely check it out.
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