1. Bitcoin all the way. There is no need for others. Because they follow bitcoin. And its more smart to be an expert on one crypto than semigood on several.

2. Combine longterm and daytrading.
I have 1 bitcoin stored at an safe exchange. And i will not sell, even if it reaches 60 k this summer. Maybe if it reaches 250 k in 5 years or so, i will consider, but then its hard to get in again.

3. For quick gains i use cfds without giring. Thats important. Then you just buy and wait without the risk of beeing thrown out.
I tried with giring first and the money was quick and alot, but when it turns bearish over time your fucked. I lost 20% because i selled out cause i believed it wouldnt stop.
Without giring and paying rent, u just wait when it goes down and sell when it raises.

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