Hi there guys/gals. I just put a post up on the Workout Routine Board, so if you guys haven't taken a look, please go check it out and give me any advice you can. Anyways..............

Me and my girlfriend have been working out and dieting seriously for the past 8 weeks now. I am 204 lbs, 6'1, around 18% BF. She is 5'4, 122 lbs, and NO idea on body fat %. Anyhow, we are looking to shred down, cut up, and drop body fat % for definition. Now, We eat rather well, we watch our carbs, eat high protien, and limit our fat intake very low. We have 0 grams of Sat. Fat per day. I'm 18 years old and she is 17 yrs old, so I would assume we naturally have a fast metabolism at this age.

Now, to the point...lol..... What should we be doing regarding how much protien, carbs, fat, etc? I hear MILLIONS of opinions, some say you NEED carbs and fat, some say LOW carb or CKD diet is the way to go, so I have no idea and am totally confused.
We DO eat 5-6 meals a day to keep metabolism going, but what else should be done? Carbs in morning, taper off towards everning? How should it be consumed. We have protien shake IMMEDIATELY after workout, and I have one before bed as well. So I need to know how we should go about eating, etc, to get MAXIMUM fat loss and body fat loss as possible. Please get back to me with ANY reply's, advice, or comments. Thank you very much, I appreciate all your help!!!!!!!!!!