this is just a early pre-diet,diet may be changed since i havent moved yet and i cant apply the diet to my new surrounds and lifting time but here it goes

first cycle : test/eq

trying to keep protein around 350 and carbs 150-200 early hours

Goal:gain good quality keepable muscle, keep my bf% in check since it took me long to get it down and i dont want to get my stomach/lower stomach sticking out like i had it before.

Meal1-2instant Oatmeal Packets or 1cup Oatmeal + 2tuna fish or 5eggwhites and 1cup low fat cottage cheese

Meal2-Lean Deli Slice Turkey on Whole wheat bread and 1protein shake or 2chicken breast,5eggwhites and brown rice

Meal3- 6-8oz Lean Cut of steak and Sweet Potatoe

Meal4-2tuna cans,2Instant Packet oatmeals or 1cup brown rice

Meal5-2chicken Breast or Steak ,5egg whites, 1packet instant oats

Meal6-1cup lowfat cottage cheese,1tbsp efa

Snacks throughout the day will be protein shakes..

also i dont have a postworkout set in because i dont know wha time i will be training but POST WORKOUT will be

10gCreatine +dextroxe
2Protein Shakes

is creatine good to take on a cycle ,or should be kept clear away cause of bloatness?