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    my diet...suggestions

    hey folks wanted to post my diet for everyone to see. And hopefully to get some feedback as to what and where some changes can improve my build. I am 6'3'' 220 lbs, and 8% body fat. my diet is as follows

    meal #1
    8 eggs 1 yolk, topped with salsa/hot sauce
    1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
    1 cup oatmeal topped with cinammon and sweetner
    1 beast pack multi-vitamin
    1 cup coffee

    meal #2
    1 cup brown rice + 1 can albacore tuna w/salsa mixed up
    salad or vegetables (just to fill me up some)

    meal #3
    1 large chicken breast
    1 medium sweet potatoe or 1 cup brown rice
    salad or vegetables

    1 round eye steak
    1 cup brown rice/or medium sweet potatoe

    meal #5
    protein shake (40g protein) sometimes I mix with ff+suger free pudding to make it a protein pudding.
    1/2 cup ff cottage cheese

    the salad is usually lettuce, tomatoes, cucmbers topped with balsamic vinigar and flax seed oil.
    vegetables are usually asparagus, brocolli, zuchini, squash, etc.

    I try to change it up as much as possible with different veges and some diet soda, crystal light and suger free jello as well.

    supplements: 10 grams of glutamin/day
    10 grams creatine/day
    amino acid complex (1500) 10 caps/day

    any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated. if you need more info I be happy to tell.

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    Everything looks really good...but I have one small suggestion...more protein. Your currently getting about 175-200g per day based on what you posted. Your a big/lean guy. I would attempt to get that up to about 300-350g per day. Add another whole food meal if possible or else add some shrimp to your eggs (4oz of shrimp has 24g of protein). However, the easiest way to accomplish this is to consume a few extra protein drinks throughout the day. If you want to keep the other values down do as I do...twice per day I'll throw 2 scoops of whey protein in the blender with fat free milk. Those 4 extra scoops add up to another 108g of protein...they're tasty and not that filling. Keep it up bro, you obviously have done your homework.

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    I know, I know...I'm an idiot. Once again I neglected to let Roberta logout before I jumped in and started posting. The above post was mine, not my wifes. Although she uses whey protein as well she probably doesn't need 350g of protein per day.

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    To gain more mass you need more cals but diet wise you look as if you have it figured out.I agree with Petes comments more protein would,nt go a miss


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