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    ok TOBEY lets flavor up the veggies

    im gonna start including green veggies as part of my cutting plan so my question is hows the best way to get flavor in the veggies w/out all the sodium and fat


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    I use all the flavors of Mrs.Dash, they add all the taste you need and no sodium.

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    Of course down here in the South, Ham hock is the flavoring of choice. This unfartuneatly drives the fat content up really high. This is a tough question as there are different vegatbles that I will put different things on. Any type of greens such as colards or turnip greens I will add a dash of pepper sauce to liven it up. This also goes well for green beans or peas as well.
    Mrs. Dash as Canes mentioned is pretty good although I am not sure about the sodium content in it. ( He did mention that it was low so it should be ok) Cumin powder is really good but this is a spice that you should only use in very small porportions as to much of it will pratically ruin any dish. Pepper jellies are good to mix with green vegetables as well. There are many of these that you can find that are not high in fat despote the infamous title of "jelly" attached to it.
    Sometimes I will cruise through the spice section of the grogery store and try something new. Just a thought.
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    I have been using a lot of curry lately. If ypu like curry you can do some interesting stuff with it for a change of pace. Let me know and I can give you some ideas on how to use it. Low sodium if you do it right because I add no salt (just a small amount of fish sauce).

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    Fat-free dip

    Hey there,

    I too feel veggies can be bland. Oftentimes, I get some frozen veggy (assorted eg. cron, green peas, cauliflower, broccoli etc) and just steam them quick with crushed black pepper.

    I added something new recently which works superbly: get some fat free cottage cheese, smooth. mix in some flavorant eg. Mr Dash, or other spices (you can always mix and match spices to have something new everytime). then use that as a dip!! works amazing with things like baby carrots, lettuce leaves etc. PLUS it has some protein too

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