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    need help on diet

    I'm 30 6' tall 194 Ive been trying to get bigger without gaining fat.I am at 15% protein 60% carbs 25%fat is this a good ratio?I eating 4200 caliries a day no supplments and sticking to the ratio on the dime.I would to get other bro's imput on this and suggestings on ratio's you all do and what you thinks the best one thanks

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    For heavens sake lower the carbs and the fat. Building muscle requires higher levels of protien. The carbs will turn to fat unless you are a marathon runner. A basically heathly ratio is 40/40/20
    (40% Protien, 40% carbs ,20% fat) This can be further broken down to a 60/20/20. This will be a much regresses diet plan and a lot harder to maintain but it will definitly cut the unwanted fat off as well as build good quailty muscle,

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    This is what I,ve been doing with decent results. I'll always start the day with egg whites, oatmeal or if I,m real hungry I'll eat last nights leftovers (chicken, fish or some red meat). Mid morning at work I'll have a protein shake. Lunch is chicken breasts or other lean meat with veggies. Sometimes salad with plenty of eggs, cheese and seeds or nuts. Mid afternoon I'll have another protein shake. Post workout I'll Have high glycemic carbs with protein. 1 hourlater I'll have dinner (lean meat and veggies). Before bed I'll have a fiber/glutamine drink with bcaa's. I've been able to add some quality muscle mass while remaining ripped. If you just want size, keep your carb ratio where it is just eat more frequently and enough.

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