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Thread: to much protein

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    to much protein

    can to much protein turn to fat?I weigh 194 if I eat 400 gms protein is that to much.How many calories do I need a day I figured out that I need 3800 to gain weight but if you use the 40 40 20 ratio it end up being 400 gms of protein. help me out bro's

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    Yes, too much protien can turn to fat. The amount you need depends on how much and what type of exersise you do, among other factors. I have heard that 1.5 to 2X times grams of protien for every pound of body weight as a rule of thumb, so you are close to the limits with what you describe.

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    are you on a cycle???

    If not then for that mass you should get about 300-350g of protein and about 4200 cal.
    If you're on cycle then 400g of protein and close to 5000cal.
    Those are pretty good estimates.

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    if the calories from your protein intake is beyond maintainance level then it will turn into fat.

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    I would stick to 1-1.5g of protein per lb of bw when not cycling and 2g + when cycling

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