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    Cool 215 trying to get ripped......

    First of all i am a new member and id like to say i think the people involved in this forum really have there stuff together. Ive been reading alot of posted questions and replys and from what ive seen i think this is a great forum .
    Now to my question.... ive been working my tail off in the gym and i have made some good gains . In the past three months ive went from 202 to 220 naturally. Now that i have the extra muscle i want to rip it up extra good. I dont have a particlar diet , i eat whatever is cooked when im around i guess lol. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on a good diet plan to cut up.


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    Firstly welcome to the board

    Read Clevelandsharks post there is some very good advice on that post.


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    Lower carbs, eat healthy, do cardio.

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    There is a couple of good threads already ...look em up ... Best advice I can tell you is to pre cook at least 3 days worth of food your potatoes and chicken breast .... you can cook your veggies at the time of meal cause they're quick . but you can't sit in wonderment looking in the fridge for what you will eat ... you must already know and just follow thru....good luck

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    CARDIO!!!! And keep your carb focus on low glycemic carbs like sweet potatoes & brown rice... and just skip the bread.

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