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Thread: Cutting Diet

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    Cutting Diet

    My diet plan is to drop 20 lbs. of fat over 6 weeks. I'll be doing a cycle of prop and tren . I will eat 0.5 gms of carbs per pound. 2.5 gms. protein per pound, and about 0.25 gms if fat per pound. I am about 187 so:
    -470gms. protein
    -93.5gms. carbs
    -47gms./ fat

    I am on my omega3's and omega3-6-9. I wake up and do an hour of cardio every mournin. Drink lots of coffee. Lots of fiberous veggies.

    Please let me know what you think and any advice on how i could better this cycle please let me know.

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    Your goals are pretty lofty, 20 lbs. of PURE fat in 6 weeks.

    Not with that fat intake, or lack thereof. I'd check the cutting sticky above, it's very helpful. Also laying out EXACTLY what you are eating is far better, as amounts/percentages mean nada, quality of food does.


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