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    Question Weight Loss Plan???

    Alright....I am a former college football player who (in season) was weighing in at 215lbs and solid. Now that I've stopped playing ball I've gained a lot of weight (weighing in at 245lbs) and I have never been this overweight. What's the best diet to lose good weight? I have jsut started my cardio training again, and I'm not lifting right any suggestions as to what would be good to eat to help me lose my added weight?

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    Diets are peole specific bro. As a rule the basic low carb, low fat, high protien type diets will work as long as your cardio is up to par. If you want something speciefic, I could work something up for you if you want but I would need a little more info before I could. If your interseted drop me a pm and I'll clue you in on the details of everything that I need to know.

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    low carb

    low carb. It works wonders. I lost 35 lbs in 4 months with cardio
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