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    Benefits of Vege's when Low-Carbing

    Heya guys,

    I just wanted to point something out about the benefits of veges while low-carbing or maintaining on medium carbs. I sayt his cause many people I know hate them and say they only eat them cause they're at the table.

    When low carbing, many were complaining about being hungy, not eating enough etc...The main benefit I want to point out is that you can have a lot, and I mean a lot of veges and stay low carb. I believe, that properly made veges can taste delicious, things like brocolli, cauliflower, butternut, beans, carrots etc. Not only are they good tasting adn very healthy, but they provide you with plenty of fibre, and the crux is you can have lots of them while keeping 15-30g carbs a meal easy! For example, you have 200g of brocolli, which will fill almost anyone (especially since its normally next to chicken breats or salmon steak ) but that 200g brocolli only has about 15g carbs! Gem squash - 3 large gemsquash which will also fill almost anyone is only 15g carbs too! And another great thing is that its not that bloated yuk feeling of fullness you get when you ciao down a bowl of pasta or potato or other starch. Its a feeling or real satisfaction to your hunger without wanting to barf 10 minutes later

    All in all I just want to advise people to look into veges more. Buy a steamer, introduce some new veges you never had before, visit the side of the grocery store you never knew existed and try something exotic, you'd really be surprised at vege versatility. I am just tired of people complaining all the time (half the guys at gym dont stop bitching) about how they cant eat low carb, they fell shit, always hungry....GET OVER IT

    PS. I am not a vegetarian, in case yall were wondering, MEAT ROCKS!!!

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    I was very close to a no carb person for a zillion years. I reintroduced carbs a few weeks back. The carbs I am getting are mostly from fresh veggies and nuts (oh how I missed them).

    Can't say i feel any different but I am a lot more regular! Besides fresh veggies taste sooooooooo good. Brocolli and cauliflower are very low, as is lettuce. I still try to stay away from tomatoes and carrots as they are higher, but if you keep the portion small enough, even these can be part of a low carb lifestyle.

    I really like your post xenithon, because it provides a balanced aproach to LC dieting, and may makke it workable for many of whom might not otherwise consider it.

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