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    everyone on AS post your diets!!!!!!!!!!

    everyone on AS post your diets!!!!!!!!!!

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    Now I am on Eq, Db cycle.
    Try to loose fat and gain some quality muscle.
    I started this diet about 2 months ago and see good results.

    8am---10 egg whites, 150g yogurt, 1 banana, 1/2 apple
    10am--same as above
    10:15---5g creatine
    11:45----5g creatine, 15g glutamine, 1 MRP
    12:30pm---250g chicken meat(liver), 200g steamed rice
    3:30----10 egg whites, 100g cottage cheese, 1 banana, strawberry
    5:00----100g almond
    7:30----10 egg whites, 150g yogurt, 1 apple
    10:00---same as above
    12:00am---same as above

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    animalbolic diet

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