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    size of my waist

    ok guys i got a question. I know you have to eat to grow, and i have been. Been eating like a horse, but watching what i eat. My problem is the more ive been eating the larger my stomach is getting. Plus i have been doing alot more ab work now. Its not my sides getting wider, its more my stomach pushing out and being alot rounder. I can feel my abs under my skin but can only see 2 of them. When i pull the skin down i can see four. My question is should i worry about this or is it normal while gaining size? Am i putting on fat or are my abs becoming larger? if this is a problem how can i fix it?

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    You are trying to do two things simultaneously that are very difficult. Many people do one at a time first cut, then build or vice-versa. It sounds like your building portion is good as evidenced by you bulging abs. You will never be able to see them until you cut your body fat down. You will notice that very skinny guys who hardly ever work out have washboards sometimes. Know why? Low body fat. I begin to see mine at about 10% bf. The guys in those magazines are often around 5%. I suspect you are much higher than either of the two figures I have cited by the description of your problem.

    To cut fat, it is hard to build. So in my opinion after you finish you building period, try to cut. You will lose some muscle, but you will gain some definition.

    I often gain a little fat too when I try to build, but if it is excessive, you are probably eating too much.
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    If you are trying to bulk you will accumulate a little fat

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    ditto on what beenie said, I would be interested in knowing if your training you abs with weight. I'm a BB and I never train my abs with weight often, the sole reason that your abdominal muscle have the ability to grow, just as every other muscle does. I consider my waist small for weighing 250, I can maintain a 32-34 waist. I only use weighted ab exercises once a month.

    I think your fine, the bigger you get the larger your waist will get. When you diet down it'll come off.

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    thankx guys. i guess you cant have the best of both worlds. I know if you want to bulk up you are going to get a little fat. So i should be ok. I mean the waist of my pants still fit me, it just my stomachs more rounder.

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