Mr. Iron Chef...Im having a dilema here, and need your help...or anyone elses help fpr that matter.

Im out of chicken breasts And all I have are chicken wings...I looked at the golden plump label and it says 9 wings have 18G of fat, and 19G of protein, and 0G carb.

When these little suckers are defrosted(all 40 wings), can I pull the skin off them to reduce the fat? Will pulling the skin off dramatically reduce the fat?

Any good recipes for low fat wings...If there is such a thing? Any how, my father is comming over for dinner, and wants a good zesty chicken meal...and he said hes willing to try a lof-fat meal, and if he likes it, he may consider changing his eating habbits. Thus, I wanna cook this chicken so it tastes good, and is actually low fat-thus I dont wanna bullshit him and say...yah these wings have No fat

Any Help???? I have like 3 hours to get this meal going...and I cant go buy any chicken breasts right now...Im flat broke..until Monday!