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    Talking Losing BF, and gaining Muscle

    Hello all, Thought I would update you on my current diet progress. Im sure TNT will be sure to comment on this .

    I just had my BIO-RESISTANCE Body composition done yesterday. The results are in from last BR from Jan 28th to Mar 18th.

    Lost 6% BF
    Gained 2 LBS Lean Muscle

    Keeping Protein Moderate to high...200-300 G per day

    Stagering carbs

    Fats 20-40 G per Day

    Low Sets-Moderate Reps Heavy Weight Training/ and cardio at Night

    High Reps-Low Weigh/ cardio in Morning

    May Not be Right for everyone, but working great for me.
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    Fantastic bro, very well done! Lost fat and gained muscle during the duration!!!

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