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    is possible to lose a little b/f doing cardio, while bulking??

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    Yes, but its difficult.

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    depends on how your bulking, 4000 cals of fast food is alot different than 4000 cals of clean food.

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    Jugger, are you talking about doing this while using steroids or not?

    My experience:

    I spent years working out and dieting to lose fat. I was able to lose the fat but I gained VERY little muscle size and strength.

    I am alsmost through my first cycle right now. I am amazed at the results; I have put on somewhere around 30-35 lbs of solid muscle AND I have lost quite a bit of bodyfat as well, I am guessing upwards of 10 lbs of bodyfat.

    I really wish I had taken pre-cycle pics and had my BF measured before I started so I could have some real hard data, right now I just ahve to go with my instincts on what the real change was...

    Is you are not doing steroids, I would suggest that you focus on either gaining weight (muscle) or losing weight (fat) and not try to do both at once.

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    wonderful world of oz,where juice is free,plentiful,sterile, and not toxic to the liver
    ajax could you give me a sample daily diet that you had while bulking,thanx

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