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    I am 6 foot 2 weighing 190 i need to lose the fat and gain lean muscle. I am having a hard time losing weight basically i just want to cut. I need specifics on which foods and when. These percentages and #'s aren't helpings. I need somewhat of a schedule. on what foods exactly i am a beginner

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    How much do you weight? What do you want to weigh? How old are you?

    Cardio may be helpful for you if you are not already doing it.

    There is no one correct answer to your question, even if someone tells you there is. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to see real progress, but if you are capable of making the committment, the results are really worth the effort.

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    1. A MINIMUM of 2 hours cardio per week.
    2. NO BREAD
    3. Eat a couple cups of fibrous veggies per day
    4. Eat brown rice, sweet potatoes, yams and NOT ANY white starches.
    5. If you can then add a thermogenic to your diet with breakfast and lunch, but take the weekends off.

    Good luck.

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