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    8 weeks out till first comp!!! need advice

    I am doing a competition March 12, and it is a novice bodybuilding show. This is going to be my first comp so is there going to be any problem with me getting in this show or can anyone enter. I just started dieting and i want to get down to 176 1/4 and right now i am 189, it shouldn't be that much to lose i started out at 200 even so i already lost 11lbs.

    Age 22
    height is 5"7
    off season is 205-210
    Contest weight hoping 176 quarter
    this is a npc contest so it is drug tested, so i am just taking glutimine before cardio, creatine after workouts for my dexatrose. I will be trying to post some pics tomorrow to show you guys what i look like, and if you guys can help me out with what i need to work on. Here is my diet hope someone can help me out on that too. Thanks

    wake up at 6:00am
    5 g. glutimine
    1 Hour cardio "tredmill" incline at 6.5 speed at 4.1
    meal 1
    1/2 cup of oatmeal, protein shake
    meal 2
    chicken breast, 2 T. Flax, protein shake
    meal 3
    green beans, pork chop
    right after workout i do creatine with 33grams of sugar, with protein that is 40grams.
    meal 5
    Greens, carrots, chicken or pork chop, 1/2 cup of oatmeal
    meal 6
    Protein shake

    Any help will do,

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    a couple things. . whaty is the sugar in your PWO shake. . i hope its dex. and if it is it should be a 2:1 ratio of dex:whey at this time.

    meal 5. i would have some rice or a yam here not the oatmeal, the fiber sloooooows down digestion of protein

    and with your protein shake at night, take some flax or another EFA with it to slow down its digestion so its with you all night


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