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Thread: Milk questions

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    Milk questions

    Hi all,

    I have read many a time that milk/dairy isnt the greatest when cutting since it tends to keep some 'baby fat', or that thin layer or subcutaneous fat around. i also heard that its okay in moderation but you should only have either low fat or fat-free, but I dont know which one - fat free or low fat. many different articles I read say either one is pointless or the other is. those 2% low fat milks - are they really that bad (i have heard so many ppl profess that that 2% is terrible and skim or fat free is the ONLY one for cutting). the reason I ask is cause I CANT STAND FAT FREEE ANYMORE!!! it is what I term, white water. i had one, yes one cup of coffee with 2% low fat and it tasted soooooooo good compared to having it skim. does that little bit of fat make such a difference?

    on another quick note - is honey good postworkout? it has a great blend of quick acting and a small amount of slower acting carbs (mainly sugars) but a relativley low GI of I think 55.

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    There is a huge difference between 2% and skim. Try 1 %, it still has some of that taste you want but 2% is still pretty thick and check out the fat content. Some places even have a 1/2 percent milk that tastes better than skim, I think I can find it here at Food LiIon. If you can find it, try it. I am on skim/fat free only now and like it. Wasn't always that way, went from whole to 2% to 1% to 1/2% then fat free. By going gradually there wasn't much noticable difference, if I try whole milk now I find it disgusting. Not sure about your honey question, I usually do some Optimum 100% Whey with skim milk. Plenty of sugar there.

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    I love skimmed milk its great stuff!!

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    I have been wondering about this subject for awhile too. I quit drinking milk for 2 years because I heard you gotta ditch dairy to get lean...and what happend I got lean. Well I have incorperated it back into my diet and mix it with my protein shakes and put it in my oatmeal in the morning...and damn it tastes so much better. But I can definately tell that those extra carbs make you hold a layer of fat or water under the skin..whatever it is I don't like it..but I'm over shakes with water....just gonna do more cardio...and see if that works. Anyone who is really lean out there, do you drink milk? If so, do you limit how much you do drink...?

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