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Thread: Bread?

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    Why is bread so bad? Seems like anyone who is dieting or even not dieting, tends to stay away from bread. I understand that you have to lower your carbs. But it seems that bread is totally forbiden.

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    mmm diet coke with lemon
    well white bread is a HIGH glycemic it will spike an insulin response, whole wheat isn't too bad for ya

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    well, first off like NA said, refined bread like white, bagels etc. are very high GI so insulin spikes and store as fat easily. also, if you think about it, two slices of white bread can give between 20 and 40g of carbs! now when on a leaning diet, you want something like max 30g/meal of carbs and youd much rather get those from low GI high fibre carbs like vege's, oatmeal etc.

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    Not all bread is bad. rye and pumpernickle for two are lower GI breads. However avoid white, and processed flours etc. as they will raise your blood sugar quickly. Also bread is very calorie dense so keep servings small.

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