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    Kellogg's Hi-Fibre Bran

    Hi all,

    I just have a question regarding Kellogg's Hi-Fibre Bran. I really enjoy it cause it tastes good (especially with low fat instead of fat free milk ) and it seems to be an excellent source of carbs, fibre obviously and even a bit of protein (I get about 9-10g per serving). The question is: it has about 50% carbs (20g/40g serving) but 8g of that is stated as sugars. Does this make it bad?? Is this offset by the very high fibre content?? I know it has a low GI, but does that realatively high amount of sugar make it bad?

    Thanks all!

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    Most likely the carbs that yo are looking at are simnple carbs and yess those are a no-no. I'm not really sure as I have not eating this to be sure weather they are simple or complex. Carbs are ok as long as you have taken them in early into the day. This leaves plently of time to burn them off throughout the day.

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    Sugar has absolutely no nutrional value, but my rule is 20% or less of the total calories come from sugar. Your cereal has 40 gms of carbs and 8 gms of sugar then in my opinion you just fit within the numbers. Truth is you'll most likely burn it if you're not sitting around for a while afterwards, and 8 grams of sugar is only 32 calories. The more important numbers in this bran product is the fiber and protein content which is high for a cereal. Enjoy it.
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