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    Getting rid of salt on smoked meats

    Hi all,

    I really love smoked meats such as smoked turkey or smoked chicken breast. Here we get them a lot as cold meats which you buy sliced. They would be brilliant snacks - taste awesome, filling, and are healthy, for example the smoked turkey breast I get is like 22g/100 protein, 2g/100 carbs, 1g/100 fat! the only problem is that it's like 2g of salt per 100g too!! Does anyone know if there is any way to get rid of some of the salt? My mom says if I put it in a shallow dish with hot water and soak them in it, changing the water about 2 times, it should get rid of a lot of the salt. Is this true? Any other ways??


    PS. I tried that a few days ago and it certainly tasted a whole lot less salty but retained the flavor.

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    Yes you can do that are you can just smoke the meats your self to make sure no salts are even there to begin with. Smokers are really in-expensive and do not cost that much.

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