Hey man sorry it took so long for a reply but i have been busy has hell at my job here.

I donbt do atkins, i follow some kind of body opus diet, i dont wake up during weekends to eat every 2 hours or take in has many carbs has i should on weekends.

Last month i was 215 pounds with a waist well over 36 inch.

When i decided to start low carbing again, i did it once in 1998 and i helped me lose a lot of fat.

I started March 6th 2002 about 3 weeks ago, i have a complete log of my training and body weight, eating and all.

Start point was 212 pounds after 3 weeks i am down to 204 pounds, not bad becose this weekend i really hit the carbs hard.

I am not taking any steroids nor will i ever again, i got screwed and got fakes so i rather do it natural this time around.

I wont lie to you, i have lost some arm size and look a bit smaller, but in the same time i look a lot tighter.

My lovehanldes are getting smaller week by week, i am 5 feet 10 inch and to look really good i may have to go down to 185 pounds.

I guess that in 3 months i should be there, btw i am doing this with my girlfriend, we keep ourselfs on track becose its really hard at night when you need your sugar fix and you cant have it.

Good luck and if you have more questions just ask